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Alexa is healthcare made simple.

You can now find a dentist, orthopaedic surgeon, get a daily health tip and ask common health insurance questions, all with the power of your voice.

Your health partner, powered by you

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We've made health insurance simple, smart and value for money and now we're doing the same for Alexa. Look after your health by enabling us to connect you with local health professionals and give you the latest health tips and insurance information, all without lifting a finger. Now that's a health partnership, as it should be.

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How it works

  1. Enable the skill

    Ask Alexa to enable the nib skill on your Amazon device, download the nib skill from the Alexa app on your phone, or visit our Alexa Skill page.

  2. Find a provider

    Now you can ask Alexa where to find a dentist near you, or even a heart surgeon or other specialist.

  3. Daily health tip

    Just ask Alexa for your daily health tip and you'll get a fresh health trend each day, straight from nib's The Check Up.

  4. Health insurance FAQs

    Want to know why everyone says you should get health insurance by the time you're 31? Or what is a waiting period? We have common health insurance questions covered.

What you can ask

Just say “Alexa, ask nib...”

  1. Find a health professional

    “Are there any GPs near me?”
    “Where's a dentist close to me?”
    “Is there an optometrist near me?”

  2. Find a local specialist

    “Is there a knee surgeon near me?”
    “Can you find me a local paediatrician?”
    “Where is the closest heart specialist?”

  3. Daily health tip

    “What's my daily health tip?”
    “Can I hear my health tip again”
    “What was yesterday's health tip?”

  4. Health insurance FAQs

    “How do I make a claim?”
    “Does health insurance cover physiotherapy? ”
    “What health insurance should I get?”

Frequently asked questions

“Alexa, enable nib”

Enable skill